I love Washi Tape

School in Tibet is boring.¬†Being an international school means I get to know many other students from other countries. But I can’t really communicate with them well i feel. The closest classmate i have now is Khando, and he is a local. Hope things will get better.

Btw, I had so much fun with the washi tape i bought last month. This morning i made a few washi tape feather based on this guide. I got to learn about this through an informative washi tape facebook page i have joined last week. I hope to do more of these crafts.


The Chinese New Year has just passed. Before the festive, I was invited and joined a local botanic club. I guess it is one of the way to pass time in tibet.

One of the club friend gave me a lucky bamboo plant, which is supposedly an auspicious plant in the Chinese culture. I thought I should try my best to take care of it.

Research online and found quite a number of useful lucky bamboo plant care tips. May my plant thrives.

Hope to see lucky bamboo 2018.